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A Guide to Protecting Your Internet Connection

Is your spouse cheating on the Internet? Must Read This

There are a lot of people hanging out on the Internet - and some are nicer than others. But, there is no reason you should fear connecting to the Internet with your broadband DSL or Cable modem Internet connection.

Cleo And Nacho Design is vigilant about securing and monitoring any network. Security Alerts

That's why Cleo And Nacho Design developed this electronic brochure - to help you determine if you need additional security and if so, what level of security you need in order to have peace of mind.

We've included information on:

Password protection
Dynamic and Static IP addressing
DSL /Cable Internet Service with a Router
Anti-virus software
Privacy software
Glossary of terms

Password Protection

It's important to change your Internet account passwords periodically; at least every 90 days is the rule of thumb.

Suggestions for Selecting a New Password

Do not use your name as a password. In fact, we recommend that you avoid using actual words at all. It is best to pick a password that is hard to guess and easy to remember.

The best passwords consist of the following:

  1. Between 6 and 16 characters.

  2. At least one upper-case character, and one lower-case character.

  3. At least one non-alpha character, such as a number and/or character such as a dash or underscore.

Ensuring the Security of Your Internet Account

Never give or e-mail your password to anyone.
(Note: Technical or customer support may ask for your password in order to better assist you, but the technician will verify your keyword before asking for your password. You will be asked to change your password after the call is completed.)

Do not use a password that can easily be associated with you, such as your birthday, social security number, your children's names or nicknames, or your favorite hobbies.

Never use your Internet Services password as a password for Web sites or online stores. You should use a unique password for each site, and store them safely in a password manager.

Remember to change the password that is pre-configured in any other software you load onto your hard drive.

Dynamic IP and Static IP addressing

If you've a dynamic IP, every time you log on to the Internet, your computer is assigned a new, unique IP address, making it more difficult for hackers to find you.

If you've a dedicated or static IP, you will always use the exact same IP address each time you access the Internet.

The Internet has an address for every computer connected to it at any given moment. That address is an IP (Internet protocol) address.

IP addresses are usually represented in decimal form, such as: You need an IP address in order to route data, such as email messages, to your PC through the Internet.

There are two types of IP addresses - static and dynamic. If you've static IP addressing, you will have the same, exact IP address every single time you connect to the Internet.

Static IP addressing is necessary if, for example, as part of your small business you are running your own email server or hosting your Web site.  joe zerpa

If you've a dynamic IP address, which means every time you connect to the Internet you are assigned a new IP address that is selected randomly from a list of available addresses.

The benefits to having a dynamic IP address include allowing you to disconnect from the Internet without shutting off your computer. So if you want to use your PC for something other than surfing the Internet, you can simply disconnect from the Internet.

This frees you to work on other tasks without the concern of someone obtaining your IP address to use for malicious purposes. When you want to resume your Internet connection, you simply sign-on again, giving you full, high-speed connectivity within seconds.
zerpa, joseph
Some Internet applications, however, require a different type of Internet connection for those applications that require 24x7 availability (like a web server or email server).

So a benefit of having a static IP address is that it enables this type of 24x7 connection for those applications that require it. With a static IP, the way you disconnect your DSL/Cable Internet Service connection is either by turning off your computer, or unplugging your modem or router.

Of course, with this type of always-on connection, many customers will require a higher level of protection for their DSL/Cable Internet Service connection. This can usually be addressed by simply installing a router instead of a modem.

Examples of router equipment is  the Linksys 4-Port Cable/DSL Router.

The benefits of running DSL/Cable Internet Service with a router include:

Being able to connect multiple computers to the DSL line; this enables customers to have multiple, simultaneous connections to the Internet. For example, a small office could connect three or four of their computers to the router, thereby providing each computer with access to the Internet over the same DSL line.

Improving the security of the DSL Internet Service connection, since the router runs on a protocol called "Network Address Translation" (NAT). NAT enables each of the connected computers to have their own "private" IP address, which is different from the "public" static IP address that is assigned to the router. By assigning private IP addresses to each computer connected to the router, hackers are not able to see these IP addresses or gain access to any data on these computers. This protects these computers by essentially making them "invisible" to everyone on the Internet.

While it is not a formal "firewall", a router with the NAT feature will improve the security for DSL Internet Service users who use them. And for those customers who use such a router, they probably will not have a strong need for a software-based personal firewall.


You've probably heard news reports about hackers and other online criminals accessing the networks of large businesses and Web sites via the Internet for malicious purposes and are wondering whether your connection to the Internet is secure.

For example, a small business, or a customer who sends a lot of proprietary information over the Internet, may want to install a firewall, whereas customers who use the Internet for research or entertainment may find changing their passwords regularly to be all the security they need.

Installing a firewall on the hard drive of your PC could deter hackers or other criminals from:

Penetrating your system and viewing the contents of your computer's hard drive; Stealing your private information, such as credit card or bank account numbers you may have stored on your hard drive; Controlling your computer remotely, whereby hackers can change your passwords, corrupt your files, or erase your computer's hard drive.

Attacking other computer systems from your PC, such as Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks where hackers render a Web site inoperable.

Anti-virus software

Computer viruses, commonly transmitted via email, can prevent your PC from working properly. This simplest way to protect yourself from e-mail viruses is to not open emails with attachments from people you don't know or that look suspicious.

Should you receive an email that contains a virus:

Delete the e-mail without opening it.

If you have already opened the e-mail, contact your equipment manufacturer or software provider to ensure the virus has been eliminated from your computer.

Load a virus protection program onto your computer if you have not already done so.

Privacy software

The Internet is quickly becoming an important tool in the education of children and teenagers, replacing dry textbooks with sights, sounds and direct interaction with people across the globe, and putting it all at student's fingertips. But youths can also find trouble online. Much like the "real world", the online world contains some Web sites that are not suitable for young people and places where they could meet adults who may not have the best intentions in mind.

Parents can take control of their families' Internet use and make sure that potential problems are avoided.

Glossary of terms

Dynamic IP addressing

If you have a dynamic IP address, which means that every time you connect to the Internet, you are assigned a new IP address selected randomly from a list of available addresses.


Firewall software provides a virtual wall between your computer and the Internet protecting your connection to the Internet. Hackers attempt to penetrate computer networks through Internet connections.


Hackers use scanning software to seek-out IP addresses. Once a hacker isolates an IP address, they can browse, steal or manipulate the contents of your computer.
joe zerpa
IP (Internet protocol) address

The Internet has an address for every computer connected to it at any given moment. That address is an IP (Internet protocol) address. IP addresses are usually represented in decimal form, such as: You need an IP address in order to route data, such as email messages, to your PC through the Internet.

Static IP addressing

If you've a static IP addressing, you will have the same IP address every single time you connect to the Internet.


Computer viruses, commonly transmitted via email, can prevent your PC from working properly. Viruses are computer codes programmed to delete hard drives, steal private information or implant itself on a PC causing programs not to work properly.

Your Questions Answered

Should I be concerned about the security of my Internet Connection?

Generally, the Internet is secure. However, conditions do exist for security issues to arise.

There are a lot of people on the Internet - and like the general public, some people are nicer than others. Therefore, it is up to you to determine what level of security you think you need to protect your data and PC. This includes using easy-to-install security options such as anti-virus and firewall software.

Is DSL/Cable Internet service any more or less secure than dial-up service?

Overall, there is little risk associated with DSL/Cable Internet service, since those services are faster tan Dial-Up, but don't worry!  Remember, every time you connect to the Internet, you are given a new Internet address, making it more difficult for a hacker to lock onto your IP address in order to compromise your PC.

How can I minimize my risks?

If you want an additional layer of protection, you can install anti-virus and firewall software on your computer's hard drive. Or give us call so we can help you secure your computer or network.  Call us, we can help (909) 862.4141

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